From major rebrands to crafting three-word straplines,

I can create the content you need for your brand, brief or business.


Brand identity and tone of voice        

Example: My work on Welcome to Yorkshire’s rebrand helped to generate £400 million extra income for the region, through a new identity and website celebrating Yorkshire’s heritage and diversity.

Bids and campaigns

Example: I recently worked with another major tourist board on a significant bid that would see the region standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef.

Creative writing and naming workshops 

Example: Hallmark Cards needed inspiration for their writers, so I recently completed a half day naming and creative writing workshop for their Yorkshire team.  

Concepts and insights

Example: I enjoy working on initial concepts and guiding the creative direction of a project from day one. I’ve also developed and edited insight-driven thought pieces and publications for various creative agencies.

Ghost writing

Example: A slightly unusual area of expertise, but I’m experienced in speaking on behalf of celebrities and high-profile business owners, including well-known chefs, tv personalities and even the lead singer of a famous rock band. All in a day’s work for a freelance copywriter!


I’ve written a wide range of offline copy, including brochures for the Holiday Cottages Group, attention-grabbling direct marketing and business-related copy for a number of financial and professional organisations.

Online content

Example: I can write blog posts, email campaigns, banner ads and more. I’m experienced in content management systems, including planning tools like GatherContent, and I’m well versed in SEO and social media.

Product positioning 

Example: I'm currently working with one of the world’s favourite breakfast brands, ensuring their new  products stand out in store and engage their target audiences.


Example: I can work with you on all stages of a creative pitch, from initial concepts to the final presentation. I also represent agencies at workshops, acting as their language consultant and helping to raise their creative profile.


My web content for the Department for Education reached 10 million young people around the UK. In addition, I recently completed an important youth-focused website for the NHS – giving me useful experience in both the public and private sector.